Buy and Sell Premium Used Catamarans


Why Buy A Catamaran

Here are some great reasons:

  • Cats ride much smoother than mono hulls
  • Cats ride much more stable than mono hulls
  • Most cats have a shallower draft than mono hulls
  • Cats take the rough water better than mono hulls
  • Most Cats are more fuel efficient than mono hulls
  • Cats don’t have near as much lateral roll, so most people don’t get sea sick
  • Therefore we feel cats are safer than mono hulls!
  • We feel Cats have and hold a better retail value that mono hulls

The fact is Cats are far superior boats than most mono hulls, so why would you want to buy a rough riding mono hull? We are here to serve the Power Catamaran Community with what we feel is the best, most effective modern method of buying/selling Power Cats!
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