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Why list your Catamaran with us?
With over 100 used boat sites on the internet, we feel your boat needs specialized attention. If you wanted to buy a Corvette, you would go to a GM dealer, right? Here at Ultimate Power Cats, OUR MISSION IS TO BRING TOGETHER CATAMARAN OWNERS, AND CATAMARAN BUYERS.
That is all we do, period. We provide a site where potential Catamaran buyers can quickly find, and focus on the cat they are looking for, with out having to be distracted looking through 1,000′s of other boats, and stuff. We are focused on providing the right format to make that happen. Being Catamaran experts, we also provide you with the all the tools you need to get the job done. N.A.D.A apprasial, financing insurance, and even transportation.
So don’t go all over the world trying to find the right place to sell your cat, go to a specialist.
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