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About Us

The goal of this Web Site is to BRING POWER CATAMARAN BUYERS AND SELLERS TOGETHER. Here at UltimatePowerCats we do not believe that a bigger boat buying and selling web site is better. That is because on a smaller, more focused site, there is a greater chance of your boat being seen, and bought QUICKER, unlike the bigger sites, where your boat is not as likely to be looked at because there are ten of thousands if not over a hundred thousand of boats to view, before they get to yours. A smaller web site allows the buyers and seller to be brought together more rapidly.


Cat’s are our expertise. We have worked over two decades selling power catamarans. We know all about them. We have done HUNDERDS of boat shows over the years, and we have been involved in every aspect of Power Cats. Working over two decades with cats, including, including over a decade at a major power cat manufacture as General Manager, Sales Manager, and in charge of boat assembly.
So it is natural that we come up with a new creative way of buying and selling your power cat.
So why buy a Power Cat?
Here are some great reasons:

  • Cats ride much smoother than mono hulls
  • Cats ride much more stable than mono hulls
  • Most cats have a shallower draft than mono hulls
  • Cats take the rough water better than mono hulls
  • Most Cats are more fuel efficient than mono hulls
  • Cats don’t have near as much lateral roll, so most people don’t get sea sick
  • Therefore we feel cats are safer than mono hulls!
  • We feel Cats have and hold a better retail value that mono hulls

The fact is Cats are far superior boats than most mono hulls, so why would you want to buy a rough riding mono hull? We are here to serve the Power Catamaran Community with what we feel is the best, most effective modern method of buying/selling Power Cats!
Thanks for using, and as always you can contact us.